Isotonic Drinks, The New Rage of 21st Century India

Isotonic Drinks, The New Rage of 21st Century India

Isotonic Drinks have become the preferred beverage choice of Modern India.

Sports/Energy Drinks is another name for these liquid excitements.

With Fitness and Nutrition quickly becoming a lifestyle choice, many choose Energy Drinks to Replenish and Rehydrate themselves.

The Sports/Energy Drinks category globally accounts for more than 4.31 billion.

The US is the leader in this category and alone accounts for more than one billion which roughly constitutes to 36% of the Global Energy/Sports Drink market.

In India, the Growth in this industry is expected to increase by 4% every year.

Indian Sports Drink market is highly competitive with a keen focus on Branding and its Distribution Channels, giving its Top Players the necessary advantage.

The use of Online Platforms as distribution channels like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket and many others, have immensely improved the convivence to buy and thus increased the overall sales of these products in India.

Top Celebrities, Influencers & Athletes endorse many Sports Drink Brands in India making it a rage and a lucrative in demand product of all age groups.

What are Isotonic Beverages

Isotonic Drinks, The New Rage of 21st Century India

Sports Drinks are a combination of Fluid, Electrolytes and Carbohydrates, that acts as an immediate fuel for the functional muscles.

It contains necessary carbohydrates in the form of Sugar, Electrolytes, and also sometimes Proteins, Vitamins and Caffeine with light to intense flavoring.

Such drinks can be consumed Before, During or After an activity.

An athlete can perform more effectively in trainings and competitions as it provides more energy to Functional muscles & brain and also helps to meet the nutrition recovery goals by replacing fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat.

Benefits of Isotonic drinks

Isotonic Drinks helps replace the nutrients you lose during long workout sessions and recharge your muscles for further activities.

Such Drinks are necessary if your workouts are High Intensity long trainings of more than 45 mins , as you lose water, minerals and other nutrients which are essential requirements of the body to recharge and replenish itself.

These drinks should not be considered as substitutes to water nor should be consumed regularly as it has its disadvantages.

Harms to Consider

sports drink harms
Nothing is perfect & excess of anything is harmful. Moderation is Key.

The purpose of Isotonic Drinks is limited to the activities you’re doing. Consuming more than required quantities will give you causes of concern.

Here are the Harms

  • Calories   – These drinks will give you unnecessary calories which would result in an increase in weight.
  • Sugar Consumption   – Excess of sugar consumption can lead to Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Problems and other harmful diseases.
  • Tooth Decay                – Uncontrolled regular consumption leads to an eventual issues of Teeth and Gums.
  • Increase in Heart Rate – These drinks offer immediate energy to the body and works to recharge your working muscles. These are Caffeinated Drinks and can cause an increased blood pressure and heart rate, while other ingredients in the drink may be responsible for the abnormal heart rhythms, Aneurysms, and rarely, unexpected heart attacks.

Just to name a few….

Best Selling Isotonic Drinks in India

Isotonic Drinks, The New Rage of 21st Century India

Fitness Activities are on a rise in India whether it’s Weight Training, Cardio, Yoga, Calisthenics, Jogging, swimming, Playing Sports etc.

The desire to be fit or maintain peak fitness has become a high priority.

People have understood that a combination of Diet and Exercise is required to achieve their Fitness Goals.

Conditioning yourself to sustain the loss of water and energy requires immediate hydration.

They help build your vibrancy levels and reduces fatigue caused by the heavy intensive workouts.

Here are a few Top Selling Isotonic Drinks in India

  • Gatorade Thirst Quench Powder – Gatorade is possibly one of the most popular Sports/Energy drink brand in the market. This is a powder based product by the brand which is designed specifically for athletes keeping in mind their energy and nutritional needs. It keeps the body Hydrated and Energized, to give its best in all physical activities. The product comes in three flavors Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, and Orange.
  • Ocean One8 Energy Drink – It is another very popular Energy Drink brand available in the market and endorsed by India’s Cricket Team Captain Mr.Virat Kohli. It claims to power you with positive Energy and keeps you energized throughout the day. The 350 ml cans contain natural caffeine and has no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Take it chilled to enjoy its full taste.
  • Red Bull Energy Drink – Red Bull is a famous Austrian Brand that sells energy drinks globally. In India, the brand is easily available and is synonymy’s with quality. As per a credible rating agency Red Bull has the highest market share among all energy drinks. It boosts of 38% market share worldwide making it the most prestigious brand in energy drinks.
  • Monster Energy Drink – Another very popular Energy Drink Brand available extensively in the Indian market. It is the second most popular in energy/sports drinks brand globally behind Red Bull boasting a share of 35%. It proudly screams the slogan, ‘Tear into a can of the meanest energy drink on the planet’.  It comes in numerous exciting packaging and various flavors like Monster Energy, Nitro Super Dry, Reserve Watermelon, Reserve White Pineapple, Monster Ultra, Zero Ultra, Ultra Fiesta Mango, Java Monster,  Mean Bean, Monster Energy Juice, Pipeline Punch.
  • Fast & Up Reload – Fast & Up Reload claims to be India’s first hypotonic effervescent hydration supplement. .It comes in a Tube Bottle of 10 Tablets per pack which completely dissolves in water and gives you an energized recharge. Its wide range of products can be consumed Before, during and after workouts. It’s easy to carry and is available in all leading stores. Fast&Up Reload electrolyte supplement is gentle on stomach and helps to maintain the right electrolyte balance. It comes in various flavors. Choose the one you like.


Isotonic Drinks, The New Rage of 21st Century India

Isotonic/Sports Drinks are a widely used substitute to water and electrolytes for immediate recharge of the body. They can be good for athletes when used correctly and at the right time.

Although sports drinks can improve the performance of athletes during several types of exercise or workout routines, they are probably unnecessary for most people. Overconsumption can also lead to harmful consequences.

                                                                                              TOO EACH HIS OWN.

So work hard and then recharge yourself back to your best with the worldwide phenomenon we all know as Isotonic/Sports Drinks.

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