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As a Fitness Enthusiast, I have realized the importance ‘Weight Training for Weight Loss’ offers.

A shocking stat, I read recently on Weight Loss, Roughly 90 percent of people who shed a lot of weight eventually regain just about all of it.

 Individuals should train 3 days if using a total-body workouts or 4 days if using an upper/lower body split routine, training each major muscle group twice per week


People who pursue weight loss tend to lose motivation once their goals are achieved. It is a long-term dedication & requires an individual’s constant pursuit of Diet Control, Cardio, and above all Weight training.

The Body mass Index rule (BMI) states that if you intake more calories than your body requires- Weight increases, Reduce it– Weight Loss, Maintain calories = Maintain Weight.

Sure, you can control Diet, Do cardio, or even as logic to some ‘Reduce intake of water. Thus, the body sucks on its own nutrients.

Unlimited Options, Right,


People who undertake weight workouts often see fantastic benefits in their struggle with weight loss.


What is Weight Training?

What is weight training,

Weight Training is a strength training routine that uses different weights for resistance.

Use of Dumbbell & Bars/ Barbell is commonly used in Gyms to perform various exercise routines. At home as simple as pushups are very effective Weight Training Technique as it uses complete body weight for resistance. A very useful technique for Weight Loss.

Benefits of Weight Training For Weight Loss

Weight training for weight loss benefits

Strength/Weight Training leads to Lean Muscle gain which allows maximum calorie burn in the body.

Here are some Benefits:

  • Boost in Energy levels & Mood – A healthy body leads to a healthy mind which leads to good thoughts. Weight Training releases ‘Endorphins’ which has pain relief and anti-depressing affects.
  • Reduces Injury Risk – Weight Training increases muscle mass, thus reduces injury risk.
  • Increase in Bone density, Flexibility & Balance – Weight Training Improves Bone density, flexibility and balance in your body.
  • Increase in Muscle Endurance & Strength – Weight Training improves your muscle mass, endurance and strength in the body. An individual can do workouts for longer without any fear of injuries.
  • Effective Body Weight Management – Weight Training provides long term results to your body. Workouts can be done for targeted areas. It affects Weight Loss which leads to an effective body weight management.

Disadvantages of Weight Training for Weight Loss

Disadvantages of weight training
  • Risk of Injury – There is a massive chance of having Short term or even Long term injuries in weight training. People who are new to weight workouts tend to overdo their training which leads to injuries. Thus rendering the individual unable to pursue their respective body workouts.
  • Requires Precision – Often in Weight Training we hear of the term ‘Form’. Form here stands for the technique used. A Weight loss program performed with precision will lead to subsequent weight loss.
  • Aerobics vs Weight Training – Compared to an Aerobic workouts or Calisthenics, Weight Training methods take longer to produce the required results but the results achieved are near permanent.
  • Requires Equipment’s – Weight Training for Weight Loss cannot be performed without proper equipments. It’s an expensive form of training.
  • Maintaining Motivation – Weight Training for Weight Loss is often considered the toughest training program as it requires utmost dedication, a lot of patience & follow a mundane routine. Take your body out of the comfort zone.

Top 5 Workout Plans to maximize Weight Training for Weight Loss

Workout plans, training for weight loss
  • Upgrade to heavy Weights – At some point in your training your body acclimatizes to the used weights. Increased weights leads to increase in muscle mass & strength. Increase in muscle mass will increase your metabolic rate. An increase metabolic rate will increase calorie burn. More calorie burn will lead to weight loss.
  • Workout Intensity – Weight Training for Weight Loss workouts require complete intensity. It doesn’t matter whether you workout for 30, 45 or 60 mins, the intensity of the workouts have to be high with minimum rest and a maintained elevated heart rate.
  • Multiple Exercises/Circuit Training – Multiple/ Circuit training means doing Upper Body, Lower Body or Complete body exercises using heavy weights while maintaining high intensity.
  • Superset training – A superset training program is perfect for weight loss as it involves different exercises targeting the same area with high intensity and minimal rest.

Top 5 Weight Training for Weight Loss Exercises

Weight loss exercises
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Pushups w/out weights
  • Weight Lunges
  • Step ups
  • Deadlifts

Weight training for Weight Loss without equipment at home

Weight training for weight loss with equipments, free exercises

Maintaining a proper weight is the desired goal for most of us. We are in the midst of a pandemic. The common complaint of many during it was that they were feeling the weight pinch.

Weight Loss hasn’t been the easiest to manage with all the responsibilities of home and work also from home.

Gyms and weight training till recently was a skeptical notion for some. Slowly as life moves back to normal but the elephant of weight loss remains.

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Exercises done without equipments and from home for effective Weight Loss

  • Jump Squats – A simple and effective cardio weight loss exercise at home that involves jumping and subsequent squats. Can be done on a repetition of 12 or 15 with minimal rest in between.
  • Split Lunge Jumps – A simple exercise that involves legs split on both side, lunges and jumps.
  • Burpees – A sequence of exercise movements which involves an individual to stand, jump, do pushups & stand again, all in the same motions. Works perfectly if done in the right form.
  • Mountain Climbers – It is a form of pushups jogging done with high intensity and minimal rest. It imitates vertical mountain climbing. Excellent for weight loss due to its intensity and can easily be done at home.
  • High Knees – It is a cardio intensive fast paced exercise which engages the core muscles in your legs and gets your heart rate elevated, thus burning calories. Can be easily done in a small place at home and gives effective results in weight loss.
  • Planks – Possibly one of the oldest and the most commonly known techniques for weight loss at home. Here the individual has to elevate the chest & stomach vertically while the elbows and feet are firmly planted on the floor. A count of 200 to 500 or 10-15 mins is considered good for beginners. The planks strengthen your abdomens, back & shoulder muscles. A exercise very simple to perform at home and very effective for weight loss without weight training.



Weight Training is an effective, soundproof, proven method for weight loss. It works on the core muscles of the body to give an individual the desired result.

But it comes with its dangers. Hence it is always advisable to do weight workouts in the presence of a guide or a mentor.

So make Weight Training a habit to reach your desired weight loss targets and achieve that perfect body you deserve.

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