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Why Fitness Trackers are every1’s health obsession

Fitness Tracker obsession

Fitness has become an integral part of our living.

In India, roughly 5.8 million Indians die because of diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart and lung diseases each year due to a sedentary/stressful lifestyle and erratic diet routines.

The focus on health has dramatically increased among people today and this has become one of the primary factors for the obsession with Fitness Trackers/Bands/smartwatches etc in India. It’s your Health Information at your fingertips.


What are Fitness Trackers

What is a Fitness tracker

A Fitness Tracker is a device or an application that monitors and tracks your fitness-related activities as – Distance covered, calories consumed, Heartbeats, SPO2, BP, Sleep Monitor, etc.

It’s your very own wearable personal computer that gives the health information you need.

Benefits of Fitness trackers

The device collects data and converts it into steps, calories, sleep quality, and general activities you perform throughout the day.

Here are some Benefits of Fitness Trackers

  • Gives Motivation – A Tracker will motivate you to exercise whether its walking, jogging or working out and gives visuals of your progress.
  • Sets goals – It sets goals for you to follow
  • Calorie Consumed – It informs you of your daily calorie consumption
  • HeartRate Monitor – Monitors your heartrate to gives an accurate reading.
  • Sleep Tracker – It tracks your sleep and tells and informs you whether you are sleeping well or not.

Wouldnt you want to know if there was something wrong with your body. You would easily know with a Fitness tracker.

Disadvantages of a Fitness Trackers

There is nothing in this world that’s completely perfect

  • Accuracy – Fitness Trackers may not be completely accurate. Some trackers do not provide 100% accurate trustworthy information on the device. The metrics of every device is different from one another.
  • Expensive – Fitness Trackers are expensive to buy and maintain. The more expensive a tracker, better the product and accuracy.
  • Battery Life – Fitness Trackers due to its constant use tend to burn out quickly. Replacing batteries is also very expensive and some times not easily available.
  • Injuries & Burns – There have been cases of Burns, Rashes, Soreness, Numbness and Stiffness in hands or wrist with some fitness trackers. Also some cases of battery explosions causing injuries.

FAQ’s People Ask

How do Fitness Trackers measure sleep

Fitness Trackers are equipped with a function called the ‘Sleep Mode’. It performs on sensors which are called ‘Accelerometers’.

The Accelerometers measures sleep Quality & Quantity, movement, and direction of an individual.

How do Fitness Trackers measure Steps

These Fitness Trackers are smart machines. It detects accelerations or movement, walking up the stairs or an incline.

It uses a combination of Motion sensors and Air pressure to determine an accurate reading.

Generally …

5000 or Fewer steps a day is considered as Sedentary Reading

8000 -10000 steps a day as Active

Above 10000 steps a day as Highly/Super Active.


How do Fitness Trackers measure Beats per Minute (BPM)

Fitness Trackers are equipped with Light Optical Sensors called Photoplethysmography (PPG) which measures Heart rate.

The light sensors shine a Light through the skin to detect blood flow and also measure how many times your heart beats per minute.

Its accuracy depends upon how steady your hand/wrists are at the time of the detection.

Best Fitness Trackers Apps in India

Fitness Tracker Apps

Fitness Trackers/Bands/Smartwatches offer easy access to your health information.

Today, there are innumerable apps in the market that assist you in understanding the detected information.

These apps come either built-in or can be easily downloaded from Android, IOS, Windows, or any other applicable platforms.

Here are some Fitness Tracker Apps popular in India

These Apps are easily available on all platforms for Download.

1. Healthify Me

An Indian Made Digital Weight Loss Fitness Platform that largely focuses on as an online food calorie counter. It Tracks Calories, Water Intake and also offers Cloud Based Fitness Coaching.

It’s available on Android and IOS platforms

The Fitness Tracker app offers data of unlimited activities. Prominent Fitness trainers, Yoga Instructors, certified nutritionists are all available for your help.

2. My Fitness Pal: Calorie Counter

Probably the best Fitness app focused on Weight Loss. It gives a detailed count of calories on what food you eat and also advises on which food would be good for you.

The app has a global database of more than 7 million food items and is also well versed with Indian Food Products.

Available on Android and IOS platforms.

3. Google Fit – Fitness Tracker

Google Fit, created by Google is a Workout/Fitness Tracker app. It uses Mobile Sensors to record Fitness activities using markers like speed, route, height, walking, running, counts steps, calories, and many other activities.

A trusted product in the market with a brand to match it.

4. Daily Yoga

A top Yoga app for you. It gives you regular Tips and Variations on how to improve your daily Yoga workouts.

It offers Timers and Instructions to track your workout sessions.

Voice Clip sessions will keep you focused and motivated.

Presently available on Android Platforms.

5. Jefit Fitness Tracker

A Fitness Tracker and a Gym Trainer App which offers more than 1500 exercise routines. It has unlimited Free Fitness Programmes for beginners and experts and helps you keep active and in Good Shape.

Available on IOS and Android platforms

Top 5 Best Fitness Trackers in India

Fitness Tracker Types

Buying the perfect Fitness Tracker/Band is a personal choice. There are different types of Trackers in the market for you to choose from.

There is a preference in color, size, shape, and above all, The Budget.

People choose Trackers/Bands depending upon their activities.

Following are my selection of Fitness Trackers/bands/Smartwatches keeping in mind these criterias

Size & Shape




Size & Shape

Size is an important aspect of selection. You have FitnessTrackers/Bands/Smartwatches in Square, Rectangle, or Circle.

Depending on your preference, make the choice.

Fitbit Charge 5 has the best overall feel, looks, and comfortable size.


Mi Smart Band 5 offers seven vibrant colors. Also offers an AMOLED screen and long battery life.


Fitbit Charge 5 is a dynamic, sleek, and feature-packed activity tracker. Its lightweight and is known for giving accurate readings.


Amazfit. Bip U Pro is budget-friendly and offers a good range of features for your daily activity.


Fitness Tracker wearables

A fitness tracker records your heart rate, daily burned calories, and step counts. Self-tracking determines that you stick to a healthier diet, exercise more, and sleep better.

Fitness Trackers/Bands/Smartwatches act as a boost for your daily workouts and help you achieve your desired health goals.

So understand its Benefits and use your Fitness Tracker wisely.

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